About Us – English

In October 2013 the „Iff“ was founded as an initiative of Bauhaus-University's student's association. We focus on socio-political actions concerning escape and asylum. We are open for everybody who wants to oppose the discriminatory asylum policies.
We reject the term of illegality concerning human beings. No one is illegal.
We reject every form of nationalism. Nations are constructed and therefore conquerable systems.
We consider the global, capitalistic economic system and the predominant postcolonial structures as fundamental reasons for harm, war, hunger and poverty. These factors force people to escape their countries. Worldwide 60.000.000 people are on the run.

What we do:
Organize events concerning escape and asylum e.g. exhibitions, discussions, theater plays.
Organize petitions, demonstrations, manifestations,
poitical art, open letters, press releases to create public discussions
Create a space for people to meet, discuss and exchange ideas

We are a non-hierarchic organisation. You can always join us and get active.
Open meeting with food for everybody: 7pm / every 1st and 3rd Tuesday / „project 1“ (Schützengasse 2)